Samantha Jones has earned her established reputation for professionalism, thought leadership, forward thinking, educational insights, and market insights and resources, over the course of 5+ years of industry contributions.

Samantha began her career as an entry level seller and in just 5 years progressed from Account Manager to Director of Enterprise Sales, to VP of Revenue, to Owner of Samantha Jones Consulting. Samantha’s willingness to adopt and try progressive methods of sales outreach, and her constant education of the freight markets, allowed her to find and connect with prospects, build strong client relationships, drive continual YOY revenue growth, and add value to the companies she partnered with. Samantha has continually worked to enhance her strategies for sales and brand growth through years of experience and trial and error. 

Now, her passion is to help other individuals, leaders and companies learn and grow. All of Samantha’s services revolve around one core competency: sustainable revenue. What is sustainable revenue? It is an increase in the right kind of revenue. Every company has a unique model, requires different margins to operate profitably, and has different goals for growth. These factors will determine what type of business they need to focus on procuring and from what types of clients. Sustainable revenue then, is the growth of business within your ideal client base, and at profit margins that allow for the sustainable scaling of your business over time. 

This type of growth takes a focused intentionality and an implementation of a strong customized sales and brand strategy. In other words, does the “go to market” plan align with the company’s long term goals? Your goals and needs may change as well, and that requires a realignment of your strategy. Samantha assists companies through every step of creating, implementing, training, managing, improving and changing their sales and brand strategies. She leads from a place of experience, understanding, empathy and a desire to see all of her clients grow and succeed. 

Core Values

Samantha Jones Consulting takes pride in our work, so much so that Samantha “put her name on it”. We believe in showing up every day to do our absolute best work, and pursuing excellence in everything we do. Our core values drive our business, and are central to how we operate. 
We believe in doing the right thing always, even when nobody's watching.
We do everything to the best of our abilities, and excellence is our standard.
We are dedicated to working hard for our clients, and bring a world class work ethic to every partnership.
We believe in full transparency, as consultants, we don't sugar coat it! We say what needs to be said in order to help our clients succeed.
Samantha's faith is the reason for her core values, and is the guide to all aspects of how she manages her business and it's reputation.
We believe in holistic well being, and physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellness is vital in order to do your best work!

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