Included in longer contract terms, Samantha leads group and individual 1 on 1 sales training calls with your teams on a daily/weekly basis to ensure they are learning and developing as sellers and professionals. The 1 on 1 time is designed to allow Samantha to figure out what processes will work best for each individual on your sales team, so that she can create processes that highlight their strengths and improve in the areas of their weaknesses. Samantha is a patient instructor, an inspiring motivator, and a wealth of knowledge. She is relatable, and is not too far removed from working a day to day that was very similar to that of your sales teams and leaders. With leadership, Samantha sets aside time for 1 on 1 strategy calls to ensure she is acting as an executive consultant and an effective extension of leadership’s efforts when working with other team members. The group training sessions introduce a healthy feeling of competition, and motivation through holding each other accountable to goals. Samantha leads these team building and growth sessions to help your teams gain inspiration and insights from their peers and have another opportunity to practice their skills with their peers under Samantha’s expert guidance. 

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